I’m very pleased with Cam’s work. The project was completed quicker than I expected and the final illustration was exactly what I had in mind and even better.
— Michael Hancock - Six21 Studio


Or "Who is this Cam guy anyway?"

Well, hopefully it's clear from this site that I'm a Professional illustrator for hire. I love creating images rich with story, character, and texture that capture the imagination of the viewer. And for some reason I can't stop drawing Tentacles, Gnomes, and long Scraggly beards.

Cam attended (now I'm going to start typing in the third person as if it were somebody writing my biography) Utah Valley University were he got a degree in Visual Art and Communication, focusing his studies on illustration and fine art.

Hey, Cam here again. Now I'm going to go back to first person talk. I have experience in Sequential Art, Book Covers, Board Game Asset Illustration, Logo Design and pretty much whatever involves art. Before starting my freelance career I served as Art Director and Trainer for the world renowned miniature painting studio Blue Table Painting. Much of my work for them was featured in various videos on their YouTube channel.

If you'd like a quote or are interested in working together Contact Me.

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