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A quick color warm up for all peoples who may or may not look at this blog.
I decided to create and try some new brushes in Photoshop. I've been experimenting with different styles and techniques as of late to see if something tickles my fancy in a new and exciting way. It's been a blast and very insightful.

And now for something random. An opinion paper I had to write for a psychology class... we were able to choose our own topic. So, here, read and discuss... I would love to hear a rebuttal.

Lion-O Trumps He-Man

It is my goal with this paper to express the many reasons that lead me to believe that Lion-O is superior to He-Man. It will not be easy; many have debated, sometimes for hours on end, which of the two characters in question is superior.
He-Man, as we all know, is the leading character of the 1983 cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Lion-O, as most should know, is the lead character of the popular 1985 cartoon series Thundercats. Now, why do I feel that Lion-O is cooler, better, and superior when compared to He-Man? Let’s start with the most apparent reason, in other words, their looks, their appearance.  He-Man has a very boring, plain and rather emasculating hair-do. His hair makes me think of a little blonde paige boy from the middle ages; jaw length hair with short bangs falling down in the front. Lion-O on the other hand has an outrageously sweet coif that screams, “I rule, and you know it.” As his name suggests, Lion-O’s hair is reminiscent of a lion’s mane with hints of William Wallace’s man-mane in Braveheart, Fabio’s flowing locks, in a crazy world where Fabio would actually be considered cool, and Blanka’s fiery orange hair follicles from the Street Fighter video game series. I know, it sounds awesome, eh? As far as build goes, both He-Man and Lion-O are totally buffed out and rockin’ so they are pretty even on those terms. Lion-O however, has cool cat eyes and lion colored skin, whereas He-Man is a plain old Joe in those terms. Both have pro’s and con’s in regards to their attire so I won’t go into that matter at this time.
Now lets talk about their weapons of choice. Both are equipped with a magic sword of some kind. He-Man has the Power Sword given to him by the sorceress of Greyskull and Lion-O wields the mystical Sword of Omens, which he obtained from Jaga, the wise. The Power Sword, while having the power to transform Prince Adam into his alter ego, He-Man, and visa versa, as well as being able to disappear when not in use, has no other obvious magical abilities or attributes. The Sword of Omens on the other hand is a weapon of wonder. Some might say that it even has a life of it’s own, like a magical, metal servant to Lion-O. The sword has various powers such as flight, a built in warning sound that alerts Lion-O to danger, and the ability to change size from a small dagger to a full sized sword. In other words, the Sword of Omens rules, it even comes to Lion-O’s hand when called. Clearly we can see that the Sword of Omens rocks, especially when compared to the Power Sword. What truly seals the deal though, is that while the Sword of Omens is cool, Lion-O doesn’t rely on it like He-Man does on the Power Sword. Lion-O sans sword is just as cool, just as powerful, and just as heroic as Lion-O with sword.
While Lion-O’s hair and looks are the embodiment of sweetness, and the Sword of Omens is the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, these things are only side notes to what truly places Lion-O head and shoulders above He-Man: Personality. Lion-O has class, pure, unadulterated class. Lion-O saves the day with style, humor, determination, and above all, a level of humanity that He-Man could only dream of.
In conclusion I want to clarify the fact that He-Man in and of himself is still utterly bodacious. He was ever-present during my childhood and still continues to warm my nostalgic soul like a muscle-bound, fur underwear-wearing electric blanket. Lion-O just does it better, and with style.