Zombie Principal

You've been sent to the Principal's office...
... and he wants to eat your brains.

... mmmmmmmm, you are definately a grade A student.

Here is another piece for Zombies Ate My Teacher. A delicious creation of Samuel Brigham Coates' mind (at first there was no pun intended but then half way through the sentence I realized what was going to happen and I full on went for the pun.)

For this piece I started traditionally with acrylic paint, cardboard, marker, and pencil.
Below is the piece before I took it into Photoshop for the final morsels of color and value.

So there you go. This really was a lot of fun to work on. Hope you enjoy.
Oh, and there is still time to go and get yourself into the ebook, all zombified and whatnot.

And as always, stay tuned for more exciting images and rambling!