Jared Salmond Blog Swap!

Remember those good old fashion swap meets? Well, this is nothing like those... take it away Jared.

Hey Cameronites! 
Jared Salmond here, schoolmate of Mr Kendell. Cameron and I are both lovers of tmnt, tentacles, and cool stuff in general. Last semester in school Cam and I competed in one of Will Terry's classes to see who could garner more of Will's love. Cam won as usual. But someday I vow to be Will's favorite student. Or not. At least I got Will to tell me to 'suck it' in one of his videos . So anyway, Cam has the cahones to go out into the art world and show his talent with his new awesome projects! He told me I should throw out a design for an native american inspired elf, so here they are. The images on bottom are more of my exploration as I searched here and there for native americans on google. It was tough and my fingers still hurt! Make sure to check out my blog: jaredsalmond.blogspot.com for Cam's post on my blog!

oh yeah! Thanks Jared... These are truly fantastic. Your style is always enjoyable to behold.
Hopefully you have all enjoyed being graced by the artistic glory that is Jared Salmond. Make sure to go check his blog for more sweetness in the key of the above posted images. Oh, and as you may have guessed, this has something to do with the Big Squid Studios project.