the art of Dungeon Dice


Right now on Kickstarter you can pledge to get a copy of what I think will be a really fun game.
The game was created by Sam Coates of Potluck Games and his has a load of dice. Who doesn't love rolling dice!
Anyway, I did the illustration work for the Kickstarter campaign so I thought I'd post the illustrations here. starting with my favorite one....

The Goblin Guard
This one was incredibly fun. Who wouldn't kill at the chance to get paid to draw a goblin sticking a key up his nose?! 'Twas a blast. Next...

The Rogue
Watch out! she's got a whip! Or is that just to distract you from the fact that she has a crazy squiggly, stabby dagger?

The Viking
I dare you to tell me who doesn't like vikings... well, may those they pillaged... but they are by far the exception to the rule.

And lastly, here is the main image for the campaign

The funnest part was probably the spider webs in the cave... don't know why... I hope that elf dodges. Stone guy gonna smash you!

And there you go. Definitely a fun project to work on. Go check it out and pledge! You'll get an awesome game when it is funded and maybe I'll get to do more illustrations for it!