Toaster Guy Cover


Hey everybody, I just finished a project I thought I'd share with you guys and gals (which I will combine to form the word Guyals from now on.)

I was contacted by cartoonist Aaron Hazouri (his blog here) and asked if I would be interested in doing some coloring work. He sent me the drawing I would be coloring and I said "YES!"

This is the cover for the 4th and final chapter of a self-published comic he is creating.

Color work by me
All line work done by Aaron Hazouri.

This one was really fun to work on. Aaron's drawing has tons of character and.... A HUGE ROBOT DESTROYING THE CITY!

I think it came together rather nicely.

Sos anyways... that's that.

now I will leave you with a ludicrous freestyle poem.

The Water Shoe Haiku
by Cam Kendell

Water shoe is blue
Does water shoe come back home
or forever roam?