Oroku Saki a.k.a. Shredder! - My Childhood Villains

I bring you the latest in my Childhood Villains series. And one more from the Ninja Turtles line up.

Behold! Shredder in all his shredding glory. A little redesigned. Less Samurai... more ninja.

I always thought it looked like Shredder was wearing Pajamas in practically every rendition of him. I kinda kept that spirit alive I think.

Here's an interesting little tidbit for the fact geeks out there. The cartoon Shredder was voiced by the dad from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. What!!!??? fantastic.

... oh and Panthro was voiced by the grandpa from the Cosby Show. Delicious.

Anyways.... Hope you like. 'Cause me likey.

..... oh Saki, when will your plans not be foiled?

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