Day of the tentacle... Retro time

Growing up I had a friend named Jason.  He was my computer game friend.

Playing with him usually went like this...

I'd come over to his house

He'd open the door and say "hey" or something similar

Without a word we would then walk down to his basement (possibly stop in the kitchen for a snack on the way)

We would then both sit down and play the computer game that had been tickling our fancy for the past few days.

I remember it started with floppy disc games like Summer Olympics and then moved on to more sophisticated games like Lode Runner.

Later though... our bread and butter became the awesome cartoon style story adventures like Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and the above little gem Day of the Tentacle

yeah... we wasted a lot of time.

I do think we played air hockey once.

Anyway this piece was done for the tentacle blog.