Yoga for Comic Book Artists


Wrist pain…

Really?! I’m in the middle of crunch time with two looming deadlines. It’s the end of the work week and the wrist connected to my drawing hand is starting to hurt. Over the weekend it didn’t get any better and I started worrying. I have a solid two and a half months of drawing ahead of me in order to meet my commitments with clients and I really can’t afford to slow down or take time off. If you find yourself in the same situation, I’ve got something I really want to share.

Behold… Yoga! I’ve been doing Yoga for the past while and have really enjoyed how it makes me feel. So, when my wrist started hurting I asked myself “is there Yoga for wrist pain?” Guess what, there is…

First off, shout out to Adriene. You’ve saved my wrists. I started doing one of these each day and bam! Less than a week later the wrist pain is comletely gone. I plan on making these part of my regular routine. Wrist health y’all!

Oh, and you know how as an artists you’re sometimes looking down at your art for extended periods of time and then your neck hurts. Or maybe your shoulder is starting to ache… well…

In all seriousness… these yoga routines have been life-changing. I feel healthier and my back/neck/wrist/ feels a lot better.

Let me share one last video with you. This is the first Yoga video I found. I started doing this a few months back and really enjoyed it:

This one is like a basics course. It was perfect for me starting out. Really y’all… Yoga.

Go check out Adriene’s Youtube channel for more fantastic videos! And if you enjoy them, subscribe or share them!

Cheers and Gears,