Kaboom! Kickstarter campaign is live!

Hey Everybody!

Just to let you know that Big Squid Studios has teamed up with Potluck Games to bring you a fantastically fun card game called Kaboom!

The Kickstarter campaign is live now and ready for Backers. If you get in on it early, you can get a deck for a very reduced price.

So, check it out here:  Kaboom! Kickstarter Campaign.

Plus you can watch the Intro video below.

It's Time for a Hoedown!

I have been loving doing this concept art for the Big Squid game!

Why? you ask.

Because the west is just so awesome! Been doing research on the lives of outlaws and lawmen which has been very interesting. I've also been reading up about weapons from the civil war period. They had quite the range of technology in use at the time, gatling guns to single shot, muzzleloading pistols!

Anyway, this has been a blast!

Draw!... Dwarf...

Here is the latest piece of concept art for the Big Squid Studios game.

I have to say that this was truly fun. I love Dwarves, I love the Western setting, and I love comic book art. mmmmmmmmmm yeah.

So, anyway. I did this piece in a comic book style... duh. If you haven't noticed I've been experimenting a lot with different styles and techniques to find the one, or combination of styles that I like. So, enjoy the stylistic roller-coaster, and raise your arms on the drop.

A Great Big Rattilisc... Yikes!

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Alright everybody... here is another piece of concept art for Big Squid Studios' first game.
These have easily been the most fun pieces to do and I look forward to doing more of these field note sketches.
It's always fun to create something from scratch... creation of ideas in it's various forms is definitely my passion.