Percival Pundragon... Tortle Air Fish

The Air Fish is the largest transport employed by the Tortle Troopers. Sailing high in the sky in upturned shells of the massive Torticus Maximus suspended from great Flying Puffers. The inhabitants of Shroomlandia have learned that the arrival of such a ship to your town means certain trouble and the arrival of a fleet spells certain doom... or at least a few awkward conversations.

Percival Pundragon... Percival Sketches


I've been busy lately getting ready for the Salt Lake Comic Con. I'm Working on some new pieces I'll be selling as prints as well as creating some promotional display pieces.

Anyway... here are a few sketches of Percival Pundragon from my current webcomic The Legend of Percival Pundragon. You can read more about it HERE.

Percival Pundragon... Shroomling Sketches

Shroomling Character Sketches

Thought I'd share a few sketches I've done of various Shroomling villagers. The top has three possible mayor designs and a grumpy looking advisor. Also, a possible mount for the Shroomlings.

Hope you enjoy.