Portfolio Piece... Outfoxed

Ink and Digital

Ink and Digital

Hands down the fox is the coolest animal. Maybe I feel that way because I loved the Disney Robin Hood when I was a kid. Well, for whatever reason... I like foxes.

Oh, and I also love making criminals look glamorous, 'cause that's a good thing... right Martha?

The Raven Guard... Original Art

Well my homies, I thought I'd go out of order and share the art that I started with to create the Raven Guard piece from the last blog post. It was done with Bleu (that's french) pencil on 11" x 17" Vellum Bristol.

And... due to popular demand (you know who you are) the final piece is now available as a full color, 7" x 10" print! Go to my shop to pick one up.

Also, I've put the original art up as well... but obviously there is only one.