More Tentacles... The Villain's Pet

When I was in first grade we had to do a little writing exercise where we talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said Mad Scientist.

That's still the goal.

I guess in a way, being an illustrator allows me to create diabolical creatures and experiments to my hearts desire.... so I am a Mad Scientist... sweet. Did and Done.

This Piece is for the More Tentacles Art Blog. It was done in ink and Acrylic. I haven't used acrylic in a little while so I thought it would be enjoyable to go back to it for a piece.

More Tentacles... Owctopus


First of all... my big bro Jeremy gets the credit for this idea. He gave it to me. That's why he gets the credit. And I gave it to him. The credit that is, not the idea, 'cause that's what he gave to me. And then in return I gave him credit for the idea. It was a straight up trade.

I feel tired all of a sudden.... you?

Anyway... this piece was for the More Tentacles Community Art Blog!