Random Doodle... Fee Fi Fo Fum

Quick Doodle for the day. I'm pretty sure that it's obvious I can't get enough of long squiggly beards. They are way too fun to draw. Plus, I was originally going to draw a Treebeard based on Tolkien's description in the book. I got as far as the seven toes on each foot and decided I'd rather draw a giant... so there you go.

Drawing in Style

Hey everybody... I've been experimenting with style and thought I'd share my most recent piece. I call it Raven Guard. 

With this piece I started with a drawing in blue pencil, of which I then took a photo and put into Photoshop, giving birth to the final piece, after a bit of work of course. (I like commas)

Let me know what you think. I'd love any and all feedback!