Percival Pundragon... Percival Sketches


I've been busy lately getting ready for the Salt Lake Comic Con. I'm Working on some new pieces I'll be selling as prints as well as creating some promotional display pieces.

Anyway... here are a few sketches of Percival Pundragon from my current webcomic The Legend of Percival Pundragon. You can read more about it HERE.

Percival Pundragon... Q-Beart

"The Q-Beart is an odd Bear-like creature that roams the forests zone of Shroomlandia. Using their funnel-shaped mouths they are known to shoot boulders at anything they consider to be a threat or possible food. Q-Bearts come in a Blue or Red variety but all have the easily recognizable white face pattern."  - Felix Farflecodsworth, Shroomling Historian and Biologist.

This creature was basically a mix of the weird blue and red things in The Legend of Zelda that shoot stuff at you and the main character from the way old video game Q-Bert. Yeah... that's a weird combo.

Percival Pundragon... Line up


Thought I'd share an image I created to keep track of the scale of various characters in the comic. Now you can all see the times when I've messed up on that side of things... oh well.

Let's all just pretend that it was on purpose and was being used to emphasize story and drama... yeah... it's artistic.

so.. yup.