Percival Pundragon Page 8!

Page 8 is up for reading!  ... and yes... I do think you should go read it.

Read it on The Facebook Page or The Comic Fury Page, whatever floats your banana boat.

I've been really enjoying making this comic... It let's me do what I love: Tell a ludicrous story full of corny jokes and puns, make comments of popular culture and media, draw outrageous creatures and characters, and just plain enjoy being weird and geeky.

anyway... if this guy doesn't convince you to go read it... than I may have to send Mr. T. over to your home for a little personal persuasion.


Shop is Open! and Percival Pundragon Page 7

Hey Everybody! I've opened my SHOP! and Prints are now available! In the future you will also be able to buy original pieces as well as books and other weird stuff.

These prints make a wonderful addition to any wall or desk in addition to being a great way for me to send subliminal messages into your very brain... pink... elephant... candy.

The store is (there is a button over there too ----->)

OH! and page 7 of Percival Pundragon is now up for reading.

Percival Pundragon Cover WIP... and page 5!

Here's the finished line drawing for the cover of The Legend of Percival Pundragon, chapter 1.

This was really fun to show a few of the different characters and creatures in one illustration. I also wanted to hint a little more at the video-game influence of the comic book (He's pulling a "Link" with that wooden sword for those not familiar with Zelda)

Right now the first 5 pages are up for reading.... for free!
on Facebook: HERE
or on Comic Fury: HERE