Space Babies Are Out There

Behold... something completely messed up and weird... which is something I never do...

anyway... I call this piece "Luring The Space Baby"

I did it for the

More Tentacles art

blog. Go check it out and submit something!

I am also Pleased to announce that this bad boy is available as a 13" x 6.5" print on my store

Go here to purchase it

. Couldn't you see this hanging up in your office, you hallway, or even better yet... the babies room!

And here is a nice close up of that adorable baby.


And... if you want some music to listen to as you contemplate the vast meaning of this fine piece of art work... check out Jim Guthrie's awesome song,

Ballad of the Space Babies

from the Sword and Sworcery soundtrack.


Shop is Open! and Percival Pundragon Page 7

Hey Everybody! I've opened my SHOP! and Prints are now available! In the future you will also be able to buy original pieces as well as books and other weird stuff.

These prints make a wonderful addition to any wall or desk in addition to being a great way for me to send subliminal messages into your very brain... pink... elephant... candy.

The store is (there is a button over there too ----->)

OH! and page 7 of Percival Pundragon is now up for reading.

Ninja Turtles! with a Print!

yep... I thought it was time to do another Ninja Turtle piece. Enough of my comic... for today anyway.
Two versions... the popular version with different colored masks that I'm sure most people would be used to, and a second for the die-hard comic fans. Yep... in the comics the masks are all red.

Prints are even available of these pieces at MY STORE